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Trends in App Development 2021

Technology is highly dynamic today, with new innovations and improvements landing daily. Here is what we think is trending in app development in 2021.

Cloud storage is no longer futuristic in 2021. Many developers are using it to create instant apps. Cloud storage gives an application the ability to perform complex jobs and store large amounts of data. Some of the many benefits of using cloud storage are that it is highly cost-effective, has better storage capacity, greater loading capacity and helps to streamline operational workflows.

Technology has led to the development of many wearable smart gadgets. The primary drawback with these wearable devices is that they are largely dependent on the applications installed on the linked mobile phone. This could change in 2021, as companies may look to design wearable devices that operate independently of the linked mobile phone. Allowing users to carry a single device instead of two, for example in the fitness industry.

Instant applications are applications that are substantially smaller in scale than the standard mobile/desktop app. These applications can be accessed without downloading them. They are also highly convenient and user friendly. Developers love these applications since they have a higher conversion rate than regular apps.

Almost everybody in the world owns a mobile phone. A large percentage of these people do not carry any money around. Mobile wallets are an effective and safe way to manage money on your mobile phone. These days more business is being conducted online, which has driven the demand for developers to turn to creating mobile wallets to carry out transactions through a mobile phone.